I’m Back

For years I used to run both a tech blog and a blog in my native language. At some point I realized I haven’t posted in years, backed it up and shut everything down. Since then a few things happened: I got into 3D printing, have a sometime interesting $dayjob, gave up on Facebook (never been much active on twitter). All those are going towards me wanting to share stuff (I’m sure all 3 of you reading this will be happy) and having no place to do it. So without further ado

I'm back baby - Typical Bender

I’m back baby - Typical Bender

P.S. if you wonder what’s with all the 2009-2016 posts already here: those are posts I imported from my old blog. When I have time I recover a few of them, especially if I find them still relevant. For kicks and giggles I might even recover some Symbian stuff I posted around 2009. Depending on mood and me forgetting or not to push the relevant buttons old articles might keep their place or appear as posted recently.