Repairing a Husky Hunter after reversing batteries.

Ok, I did it. For the first time since I can remember I inserted batteries wrongly and reversed polarity. And that in a device I’m pretty fond of, and I recently aquired: a Husky Hunter. It was only for a few seconds before I realized my mistake but it was enough, the computer was dead. I tried leaving it overnight with fresh batteries thinking that my mistake instantly depleted the onboard RAM battery (if it’s empty a Husky will just play dead until it gets a bit of charge). It didn’t work. Time to open it (again; the first time was for cleaning and inspection)

Husky Hunter PCB board

I was in luck, close to the battery compartment was a fuse. The multimeter quickly confirmed, it was interrupted. I began to hope that it did it’s job quick and the rest of the electronics would be fine.

Husky Hunter closeup of fuse

I replaced (actually soldered along side it) a 1 ohm resistor (didn’t have any 0 ohm around and I hope that the small wattage resistor will act as a fuse if I’m that stupid to repeat my mistake. It is not a proper repair, next time I order parts, I’ll be sure to order a new fuse with the correct rating. Happily the Husky is back to life.