Evernote under Wine: "already installed by another user."

Trying to update to the latest evernote version on a linux laptop I use I hit the error mentioned in the title: “evernote was already installed by another user.”

Weird, but solvable. I ended doing the following:

Uninstall evernote:

wine uninstaller

Trying to install still gave the same error and so I had to do some registry surgery (be sure to replace root with your username):

grep "with upgrade" ~/.wine/drive_c/users/root/Temp/EvernoteSetup.log
[01/07/2014 14:23:18] Located product {C2EECB42-2C7F-11E3-8960-00163E98E7D0} with upgrade code {AE2C091E-CF5F-4e30-8659-D640E23A8B99}.

The first set of digits (they will be different in your case!) is of interest, in my case C2EECB42; reverse those digits and remove any entry from the registry that contains them (exporting them before removing is a good idea)

wine regedit

CTRL+F and search for 24BCEE2C, remove the entry. Now you can install the new version.