Starting 2014 Ad Free

As you probably failed to notice I removed from my blog the like/tweet/etc. buttons a while ago as I figured nobody is going to tweet about how he found the latest fix to some obscure daemon. As I find ads more and more annoying I decided to start 2014 Ad free and so I removed all the ads from the site. This is a big step as Ad Sense helped a lot to pay the server bill.

Update: Wrong choice 🙂 3 months and a big fat 0. So I’m going back to google to help a bit with the server bill. You can still say thanks in whatever way you want if I helped you in any way.

2023 Update

Ads have been off for years and I have no plans to add any of that junk. Also, for now, I removed all supporting/contribution options. I’m pretty sure nobody ever contributed and also the options that used to be here are not current. If there are is interest I might revisit this.