A simple retweet bot using a collocated Raspberry PI

2023 Update

With the number of changes since Twitter is under new ownership I’m not sure this can still work.

I have a Raspberry PI freely collocated by the nice people at pcextreme. Being a Jolla fan I found a new use for it. I made a Retweet bot that retweets everything #Jolla.

  1. It’s pretty simple. First you need to define your new twitter app here.
  2. Install on your raspberry the tweepy twitter python library. Warning usually it would be as easy as pip install tweepy but the current version has a bug which means you have to install a patched version of tweepy found here:
git clone https://github.com/knowsis/tweepy.git
cd tweepy
python setup.py install
  1. Download and configure retweet-bot to your liking.

Once done I added a cronjob that runs retweet.py every 10 minutes and outputs to a log file. You can see (and follow) the endresult here: http://twitter.com/rtjolla