Microsoft updates Skype for Linux

skype for linux Or in other news, hell froze over 🙂 Some people complained about the new interface, so I’ll try to be agains the flow here and say that I actually quite like it.

It’s not like skype for linux was ever active but since Microsoft aquired them I pretty much wrote off any updates. It seems I, like many others was wrong. Probably it has something to do with the new advertising features introduced lately…

Go to skype linux page and get it. Don’t worry if it still says 2.2 beta, the download buttons will get you the new package. The page was updated, it says 4.0 now.

If, like me, you were happy seeing 64 bit versions don’t worry, it’s still a 32 bit binary but with multilib dependencies for the package.

Also worth noting that I run latest slackware current64 with Alien Bob’s multilib packages and this skype version appears to be running just fine.