Compiling audacious 3.1

I’m a big fan of classic media players (audacious, xmms, the old winamp, etc.) That’s why I wanted today to complile the latest version of audacious (3.1) for my slackware laptop. Since the audacious build scripts are kind enough to provide make uninstall I didn’t bother with package builds, I simply compiled the stock source.

BTW that required upgrading libmowgli  (got one from slacky). Audacious compiled succesfully but for audacious-plugins configure refused to run:

checking for AUDACIOUS... no
configure: error: Cannot find Audacious 3.1; have you installed Audacious yet?

That was strange as I just finished compiling and installing audacious. I double checked and it was installed, binary in /usr/local/bin

I tried to run audacious and got:

bash-4.1# ./audacious
WARNING: Audacious seems to be already running but is not responding.
FATAL: No output plugin found.

The warning was strange, there was no stale process. I checked ~/.config/audacious and found a lock file. Removing that allowed configure to proceed.

Update: Spoke (blogged) to soon. I was in the wrong folder and I though it worked but it didn’t. This was actually needed since I was installing in /usr/local (run prior to configure)

export PKG_CONFIG_PATH=/usr/local/lib/pkgconfig:$PKG_CONFIG_PATH