Good VPS hosting

Like I said some time ago I had to move my websites from a shared host (bluehost) to a dedicated sollution. Well, the websites I host (for clients, friends and myself) don’t account for the need of a dedicated server so I searched for a virtual sollution.

I finally came to the conclusion that unmanaged is the way for me. I’m working on the old premise “give me a machine, an IP, a net pipe and some power” and I’ll manage from there.

Finally after some research I was left with two: Linode. From the features listed and user testimonials I found on various forums they are equally good. Simply when I needed to sign up Linode offered more space and RAM for the same amount of money, so the choice was easy.

What I like:

  • recently awarded more RAM as a 7 year Linode anniversary.
  • broad choice of operating systems
  • root access including console (if you borke your ssh daemon you can still login)
  • disk image tools
  • custom warnings on cpu, memory and bandwith¬† increasing over certain limits you get to define(not that you are penalised but it simply means you probabbly have something hanging)
  • you can choose the datacenter and move your machine from one to another
  • you can easily buy more resources (ram, disk, bandwith)
  • It was never down for me
  • DNS manager
  • Statistics and everything

What I don’t like:

  • no symbian application or mobile admin website (only iphone and maybe android) - not a big deal, I still have an ssh client on my phone and the regular website works decent on my nokia’s browser

So, if you’re in the market for a virtual host I can recommend Linode from all my heart.