Three browsers on a phone

The current state of browsers available for the Symbian operating system are a proof that there isn’t such thing as a one size fits all._ ****_You have the default browser, opera mobile, opera mini, skyfire and some others. I have installed on my e71 nokia phone Opera Mobile 10 beta, Skyfire and of course the default browser.

I tried to settle on using just one but I just couldn’t. If I want to watch some flash video online or browse a really heavy site Skyfire is really the only option.

For browsing mobile sites or sites that fit enough on the small display I still prefer the default Web browser because I don’t have to zoom.

For others I like Opera 10 Mobile because you have a nice bookmarks page, it’s snappy and looks good.

That’s why I don’t really get the browser wars found around the forums and the internet. Having the choice is great. The only way to get decent video and performance of heavy sites it’s trough a proxy based browser so this is where Skyfire fits. On the other hand I don’t like trusting 3rd parties with my passwords so for private pages I use the default web browser. For some pages Opera is faster and more confortable.

As always YMMV so be sure to give them a try.