KS0108 Graphics Library for PIC16F microcontrollers

easypic5" alt=“easypic5 Not that I’m not happy with the default mikroC library for the KS0108 graphic displays, as I always I wanted something with the source available. Considering that I’m a beginner with microcontrolers having the source available to hack around is a very valuable learning tool.

The project is based on the source found here:


The source is made pretty universal, still it took some work and modifications to have it working in mikroC. The archive is a ready working project for mikroC.

I tested and developed it on the EasyPIC5 development board with a PIC16F887 microcontroller. You have to have the board  configured for the touchscreen panel and GLCD display - i suppose you know how to do that, if not you should consult the EasyPIC5 manual.

The project has everything you need:

  • a small demo program that uses text and bitmaps so you can see how the touchscreen, graphics, images and text work
  • a font file
  • a file to host your bitmap data
  • graphic functions
  • ks0108 functions
  • microcontroller dependent functions.

Yyou can find the code on GitHub