Chrome OS

chrome header

Since everybody is talking about it I really wanted to experience the all new big thing Google is preparing for us. The fine people over at Techcrunch already prepared a nice tutorial on how to install and run a Chrome virtual machine image so I wont go on to reinvent the wheel.

Let me just say that I am completely unimpressed. It’s a linux kernel with a browser on top of it. Yes it boots quickly but hey it’s a linux kernel with only a browser on top of it, yes it gives you access to Google services but hey it’s a web browser of course it does. So basically Google has a Linux kernel and a browser which to push for embedded devices used to browse the internet. Wow :).

So, Google, IMHO has developed some more custom stuff to run on top of a linux kernel. Great. I already feel the revolution :). Of course, since it’s Google doing it everybody will treat it as something great so I bet we’ll pretty soon see around devices running it.

Me? Give me a Maemo running nokia device anytime over some crappy java (Android) or web browser (Chrome os) on top of a custom linux kernel.