Mini breadboard PSU

I bet this was discussed and sampled 1000 times before but here is the mini 5V PSU I use for my microcontroler breadboard projects. Usually you will use a 5 volt DC power supply for your microcontroller projects. Since I got tired of breadboarding the power source part all the time, I built a small PSU to power up my projects. I used a screw-in terminal for power input and I simply soldered pins that stick directly into the bread board for the output part.


I’ll follow up with pictures soon.

C1 should be at least 25V. C3 can be lower (16V, etc.) R1 should be adequate for the LED you choose at 5V - use an online led calculator for that. I sugest 480 - 1K for a red led.

You can power it up using a 9V battery or a small DC adapter depending on your projects need. If the consumption is high you’ll need to use a heatsink¬† for the LM7805 regulator.

Have fun!