Keep the backlight on in Skyfire, Symbian

Keep the backlight on when playing movies in Skyfire on your Symbian Phone

I noticed something annoying when watching streaming video in Skyfire on my Nokia E71. The official Youtube app and the built in media player don’t experience this but Skyfire does: the backlight turns off (according to the settings) even if a video is playing in skyfire - that’s pretty annoying. I had to keep pressing random keys so that the light comes back on.

I discovered that S60SpotOn has the option to keep the backlight on no matter what. Yes there’s an extra step - start s60SpotOn, set backlight on, and after that watch videos but it works. I hope that the Skyfire team corrects this problem soon, untill then this is a viable sollution.

BTW S60SpotOn’s certificate is expired, you need to set the date back in 2007 or 2008 for it to install.