I’ve got Nixie’s

Thanks to a local electronics forum I managed to get my hands on some Nixie tubes. Two sets to be exact. One set came complete with the original driver circuit board which has some very interesting Russian made Nixie drivers similar to the venerable 74141 and 7441. I think they are pretty rare too.

I hope that those drivers will simplify my circuit as they are high voltage drivers. I even managed to locate the datasheet ! for those K155 and 155TM7 IC’s so if anybody needs it just drop a comment and I’ll set-up a link for it. The board also contains a lot of romanian made digital gates (or, and, not etc.) which are not that interesting.

russian nixie drivers

This set will probably become a clock. Stand by for building info’s. I am still a bit busy but I plan starting as soon as possible. The second set is still on it’s way and it contains some top view nixie tubes and I still have no ideea what to do with them. Any suggestions?

Update 2015: what do you know, it only took 6 years to do something with those.