Star Trek S.C.E.

Cover of the Book

Have Tech, Will Travel is an anthology collecting the first four books from Pocket Books’ original eBook series about the Starfleet Corps of Engineers, depicting the missions of a rapid response team of SCE taking place during the 2370s. Several canon characters and concepts were included in the stories, but with new details not mentioned in televised Star Trek of the era.

I have recently finished reading every novel in the Star Trek S.C.E. series (Star Fleet Corps of Engineers). Being a Star Trek fan I read and like pretty much every Star Trek novel that’s out there. But from the ones I read I found SCE very, very good. Nice characters developing in the course of over 60 novels, unexpected plot turns and more.

Memory Alpha says:

Star Trek: Starfleet Corps of Engineers (or Star Trek: SCE) is a [John J. Ordover](
In September 2006, DeCandido announced that, as of #67, the series would be renamed Star Trek: Corps of Engineers and the numbering reset, in an attempt to bring new readers to the line. In addition, the reprints in hardcopy – starting with [Aftermath]( – would be in trade paperback format, allowing six to eight eBooks to be included per volume. The number of eBooks published per year would be reduced from twelve to six, to allow other ranges to be developed.
It was announced in [Slings and Arrows]( - trade paperback reprints of the existing eBooks would continue.

If you havent, I reccomend you start with the Have Tech, Will Travel series (the first four novels), and I bet you’ll be hooked !