How I sync my phone

Like I said I used to have an Sony Ericsson phone that had Automatic Sync built in. Nokia has sync (SyncML) but no settings to automate that. I like the ideea of syncing a phone with an online service because it gives me access to my schedule and contacts on any pc I use without the need of additional software. SyncML Profile

Some time ago I tried goosync, Scheduleworld and others promissing easy sync between a SyncML capable device (my phone) and Google Calendar. None proved satisfactory. Nokia started the Ovi online suite and I saw a bit of light. It works very well, you can send the configuration automatically to your phone and is all nicely integrated. I use Ovi to update my notes, calendar and contacts directly from a web browser. The only problem left was automatisation. Remembering to sync my device every time I changed something online was a bit tedious.

Thank you swim. Now my ovi sync profile is run every 4 hours (that seems to be enough for me). The only problem left is that, since Smart Connect is not working, I must set for Sync an access point that is always available - so mobile internet ap is the only choise. Still, syncing is not data intensive, still, if you are on an expensive plan you might want to monitor it.

Swim is running every 4 hours on my phone