A good, freeware text editor for your nokia symbian phone

More and more phones have, these days, a decent text entry method - be it T9, qwerty keyboard or touch screen. Especially if you own a qwerty phone you might be interested in a good, native text editor application.

I searched, and DEdit came up. It has a ton of features, but more important you can easily edit text files on your phone. From it’s features one can note:

  • Remember last editing position in each text-file, that you edit;
  • Remember user-defined positions in file
  • Use many encodings, ascii and unicode
  • Supports editing of big files (several megabytes or even more)
  • Easy-to-use one-hand hotkeys

Even more, it has versions for older phones too, like s60v2 not only s60v3. You can find this fine, freeware text editor for your Nokia Symbian phone here: