The quest for mobile Youtube is over

Ever since Flash 3.0 came out and I managed to install it on my Nokia E61 phone I have been using one or other mobile youtube application. It’s a handy app to have when you want to kill some time. I started with emTube which was pretty good, but never got updated and for me it stopped working.

Mobitubia saved the day, especially with it’s nice interface, ability to save files for later viewing and so on. But it had problems. In the mean time I bought the e71 on which mobitubia works even worse. Moreover the app hardly ever saw any updates lately, even for donnors. My e71 has the ability to show youtube videos in it’s default browser but I still prefer a dedicated app. As for the youtube mobile site - I never liked it !

Then, the rescue ! An official google app for youtube and even more Symbian native, not that damn java stuff. It’s simple, it misses the save function, which I don’t miss as, if I want to save from youtube I use firefox to download in mp4, hq format anyway and it works.

So if you want mobile youtube, the easy way, in an app just head over to on your phone and download it !

Installing the latest Youtube mobile app version

Official Youtube mobile application for Symbian S60v3<