The revolution – desktop like experience on your mobile devices

Everytime a new mobile devices comes around or a new browser is announced all the news sites and blogs happily announce a revolution: the desktop like browsing experience on a mobile device. I remember when I researched a few reviews before buying my Nokia E71 phone that some reviewers complained about the qvga resolution of the device.

I can only say this cow bagles !

First of all there’s no way that you can cram the 19" plus experience of a normal desktop monitor on a 2.5 - 3.5 inches screen. No way, no matter how fast the device is it will never be the same. To the resolution I can only say that I already wear glasses, I don’t need a freaking microscope when using my phone. Common 640×480 on a 2.4" screen ? How out of reach with the real world can you be to write this crap in a review?

Even if one day you can stuff a 2 Ghz CPU and 1680×1050 pixels all in a nice mobile phone with a ~3" screen you’ll need a microscope to be able to browse the web. So, untill the phone will beam the image directly into your brain you are still stuck with either zooming, either panning - this is what the physical world dictates ! So next time you see the revolution announced just do what I do - ignore it.

I’m not saying that there isn’t a good evolution in mobile browsers - heck I can browse pretty much any website on the default browser of the E71 and I can watch most streaming video sites using Skyfire - just saying that I won’t have my hone 20" screen experience in my pocket any time soon.