Freenas and Bittorent/transmission problems

As I mentioned in another post I run a FreeNAS 0.69.1(at the time of posting) based machine on my network, for backup, downloads and storage. I also use it to leave downloads running when I’m not at home. FreeNAS is great but I had this  problems when downloading torrents:

Yesterday I left it downloading the latest ubuntu version. (Yes I know I’m behind), it’s been out for some time now. When I got back from town I just shut down the nas without checking on progress. Today, when I checked transmission the torrent was gone. The .iso was in the downloaded folder but it should have been seeding in transmision too. I also noticed that I cannot move the file from the place where it was downloaded. So two problems, two fixes:

  1. I didn’t set the configuration folder for bittorent: Services -> BitTorrent -> Configuration directory, I assumed that it would use whatever the default is. Well, I set it to a folder on my shared drive, added some files rebooted and the downloads were still there, so one problem solved.
  2. The second was even easier as danmero & evadman offer a solution on the Freenas forums here. The file & folder rights of downloaded files are insufficient, so I just added the following into cron (System -> Advanced -> Cron):
# filename:
# author:     Dan Merschi edited by evadman
# date:       2008-10-24 original, edit 2008-10-28
# purpose:    Reset permissions on torrent file and directory once
DIR=$(/usr/local/bin/xml sel -T -t -v "/freenas/bittorrent/downloaddir" /conf/config.xml)
if   [ ! $(pgrep transmission) ]; then
logger -p "Transmission not running"
elif   [ ! -d "$DIR" ];then
logger -p "Transmission download dir not set."
/usr/bin/find $DIR -type d ! -perm 777 -exec /bin/chmod 777 {} ;
/usr/bin/find $DIR -type f ! -perm 666 -exec /bin/chmod 666 {} ;

Done, I can now move and delete files from the downloads folder.