Take your mobile phone for a "Swim"

Swim, freeware symbian software from the Bergamot Project

At one point I’ve been the shamed user of a Sony Ericsson v610i. Pretty simple candybar phone. Although it had one function that put my next phone (the Nokia E61) and my current phone to shame. It had syncml capabilities with the option of automatic, periodic syncing. Guess what… the flagship E series device of its time didn’t!

Open source to the rescue.

I searched for a sollution for some time, eventually giving up, until I discovered, recently the Bergamot Project with its Swim project.

Basically, Swim, allows you to choose a sync profile, and a period to automatically synchronize it. Simple and efficient !

One particularity is that you don’t choose an access point for it. It took me some minutes to understand that it will simply run the sync profile, it’s your job to set the access point under the particular sync profile settings. Just install Smart Connect and use an access point group like WiFi First.