When I first discovered malware that was not a virus I simply used regedit to remove it’s entries and prevent it from starting at boot, then I simply erased them. After a while, as spyware became more and more sophisticated I discovered Lavasoft’s Ad-Aware. Than Spybot Search and Destroy.

Lately it seems to me that Ad-aware is lagging more and more behind Spybot. A friend of mine recomended Combofix so I gave it a shot. So after some time I can say that it’s pretty good. It’s sure a good tool to have.

When running it requires you to disable you antivirus software so that might be a little annoying. What I like is the plain old console look:

Combofix starting up

It’s small, doesn’t require installing and autoupdates its self at start. It also creates a system restore point before scanning. All in all a valuable tool to have in your toolbox.

You can find more information here: