Access point groups on the Nokia 71

When I upgraded my phone from a venerable and branded Nokia E61 to a more modern Nokia E71 I quickly found out what most of the reviewers missed. The E71 has no Access Point Groups - one feature that I used a lot. I usually have just two groups - wifi_first and wifi_only - one for always connected apps (fring, email, etc) and the other for data intensive apps that I usually only use at home or at work (youtube, download and the like).

I quickly learned about Psiloc Connect but I didn’t feel like paying for something my old phone had built in and second I really hate the DRM installed by all Psiloc apps. At some point I noticed SC in the Download app. SC is a commercial app but to my surprise it’s free for select E series devices including my E71. I also noticed that it’s better than the access point groups feature built in my old phone (for example an access point can be a member of many groups).

So if you’re missing access point groups in your new phone check the nokia download app and install Smart Connect (SC).

UPDATE: Smart Connect is buggy