I’ve been involved with computers since I was 11 years old. During the years I worked quite a few jobs from this field: cabling, service, installing and configuring and for the last few (2015¬†update: not so few anymore) years as a network and system administrator. Having worked from such an early age I have the advantage of knowing my way around obsolete systems as well as around the latest and greatest.


This is another virus I caught at an early age. Probably around 12 or so. I rediscovered some years later when I got my hands on a digital camera. I’ve been happily shooting digital since 2002 though I do expose the ocasional roll of Kodak (for as long as they will be around at least)


I enjoy play^H^H^H working with embeded systems (pic development boards and lately the raspberry pi), contributing to open source projects (translations and bug reports), writing on my various sites and roaming the cities and nature with my camera. Time permitting I also volunteer with local NGOs mainly Animal Life and A.L.E.G.
Years ago I also did web and graphics design. Lately I only do this kind of work for personal projects and the abovementioned NGOs

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