Oracle complains about long identifier on simple operations.


I’m going head first into the oracle db world. I was trying to create an spfile from the pfile and of course it didn’t work:

SQL> create spfile from pfile="/oracle/app/product/12.1.0/dbhome_1/dbs/initORCL.ora";
create spfile from pfile="/oracle/app/product/12.1.0/dbhome_1/dbs/initORCL.ora"
ERROR at line 1:
ORA-00972: identifier is too long

The reason is simple enough, you have to use single quotes instead of double quotes. But it took me a while to find out this so here it is for all other beginners.

SQL> create spfile from pfile='/oracle/app/product/12.1.0/dbhome_1/dbs/initORCL.ora';

File created.