About Me

Hi, I’m Silviu Vulcan

I’m a sysadmin / devops engineer by day and amateur photographer, tech and open source enthusiast in my spare time. I also volunteer for various NGOs.

Currently I fill my time mostly with:

  • Continuous Integration
  • Linux on servers/VMs/containers/clouds/PIes
  • Configuration management, scripting
  • Networking
  • Embedded systems (pine64 cluster, raspberry pi)
  • translating open source projects
  • photography
  • volunteer at Animal Life and A.L.E.G.


  • jenkins, git, maven
  • ansible
  • grafana, nagios, checkmk
  • proxmox, kvm, lxc, docker
  • debian, ubuntu, centos, rhel, slackware
  • routing, firewall, vlans, lacp
  • zfs, lvm
  • aix, solaris
  • oracle, mysql
  • apache, tomcat, wildfly
  • bash, python, php

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